Trial: Flipster (Now – 12 August 2021)

A trial of Flipster is now available for you to access until 12 August 2021. With this offer, you can have access to the best-selling digital magazines from top publishers, including National Geographic, Time, Forbes, Bloomberg Businessweek, and more. Please find below the direct URL for each magazine.    

1) National Geographic (AN 2902038):,uid&db=eon&bquery=AN+2902038&cli0=EH1&clv0=Y&type=1&searchMode=Standard&site=eon-live&scope=site  

2) TIME (AN 2920058):,uid&db=eon&bquery=AN+2920058&cli0=EH1&clv0=Y&type=1&searchMode=Standard&site=eon-live&scope=site  

3) Forbes (AN 2906871):,uid&db=eon&bquery=AN+2906871&cli0=EH1&clv0=Y&type=1&searchMode=Standard&site=eon-live&scope=site  

4) Bloomberg Businessweek (AN 2925268):,uid&db=eon&bquery=AN+2925268&cli0=EH1&clv0=Y&type=1&searchMode=Standard&site=eon-live&scope=site  

5) HELLO! (AN 2928968):,uid&db=eon&bquery=AN+2928968&cli0=EH1&clv0=Y&type=1&searchMode=Standard&site=eon-live&scope=site  

To access another magazine, please access this link.,uid&custid=ns016730&groupid=main&profile=eon

You can also access Flipster via your mobile devices by installing the “Flipster App” available on both IOS and Android.

Please note that off-campus access to this database, please access through AIT VPN.