Book Donations Policy

AIT Library welcomes donations of books and other library materials to expand its collection, especially those of new items that support the academic and research programs of the Institute.

The gifted items are accepted with the understanding that they will become the properties of the AIT Library. The Library may decide to keep, discard or exchange the materials to other libraries.

Conditions of Acceptance

The Library will not grant to shelf all items. The gifted items with the following conditions are acceptable:

  • The items offered are in good condition.
  • The items fall within the categories of the library’s collection development (for example, books, theses, magazines, journals, etc.)
  • The items are selected based on their relevance to the Institute’s curriculum. (Subject areas:  Engineering, Social Science, Environmental Science, Energy, Agricultural and Biological Science, Earth and Planetary Sciences, Business, Management and Accounting, Computer Science, Chemical Engineering, Materials Science, Economics, Econometrics and Finance, Decision Sciences).
  • The titles offered are currently not available in the Library.
  • Prefer English version.

Conditions of Not Acceptance

The following materials will not be accepted.

  • Dirty, damaged, highlighted, in poor condition, or photocopied book.
  • Audio-Visual materials (for example cassette tapes, videotapes, a floppy disks)
  • Outdate textbook or other materials.
  • Sales catalogs.
  • Condensed books (for example Reader’s Digest).
  • Duplicates of Library holdings.

NOTE: Books and other materials that have not been selected or are no longer deemed appropriate for the Library collection will be donated to non-profit organizations, non-profit personal use, other libraries, or for disposal through regular book sales.

Contacting the Library

For book donation or more information in this matter, please contact the Acquisition Librarian.

Asian Institute of Technology, Library
58 Moo 9 Km. 42 Paholyothin Highway
Klong Nung, Klong Luang
Pathumthani 12120
Tel. 02- 5245860

In case of large donations, the donor will be requested to provide the title list for the Library’s review. Please call the library in advance if you wish to bring in a large number of boxes of donated books. The library reserves the rights to decline large donations if space is not available. The gift items are acknowledged upon the request.

Please note that the Library cannot pay for the transportation cost of the materials.

Last updated: 17 August 2023