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Emerald Platinum Open Access 
H-indexImpact Factor  Q1 Q2 Q3Q4
Applied Computing and Informatics2634-1964353.13Information SystemsComputer Science Applications, Software  
Applied Economic Analysis2632-7627152.04 Economics, Econometrics and Finance (miscellaneous)   
Arab Gulf Journal of Scientific Research1985-9899140.12    Agronomy and  Crop Science, Ecology,Evolution,Behavior and Systematics, Water Science and Technology
Arab Journal of Mathematical Sciences1319-5166150.52   Mathematics (miscellaneous) 
Asia Pacific Journal of Innovation & Entrepreneurship2398-7812 3.1   BUSINESS in ESCI edition 
Asian Association of Open Universities Journal2414-699413   Education, Social Sciences (miscellaneous)  
Asian Journal of Accounting Research2443-417512    Accounting 
Asian Journal of Economics and Banking2615-9821       
Business Analyst Journal0973-211X       
Central European Management Journal (ตัวที่พี่เจี๊ยบให้มา)2658-0845 0.9    MANAGEMENT in ESCI edition
Central European Management Journal23362693, 2336489010    Business,Management and Accountinf (miscellaneous), Political Science and International Relations, Sociology and Political ScienceSocial Pyschilogy
China Accounting and Finance Review1029-807X       
China Political Economy2516-1652       
Digital Transformation and Society2755-0761       
EconomiA1517-758014   Economics, Econometrics and Finance (miscellaneous)  
European Journal of Management & Business Economics2444-849425  Business and International Management, Finance, Strategy and Management, Tourism,Leisure and Hospitality ManagementMarketing, Organizational Behavior and Human Resource Management  
European Journal of Management Studies2183-4172       
Forestry Economics Review2631-3030       
Frontiers in Engineering and Built Environment2634-2499       
Fulbright Review of Economics and Policy2635-0181       
Higher Education Evaluation and Development2514-5789       
IIM Ranchi Journal of Management Studies2754-0138       
IIMBG Journal of Sustainable Business and Innovation2753-4022       
Innovation & Management Review2515-896111   Business and International ManagementBusiness,Management and Acounting (miscellaneous), Management of Technology and Innovation, Organizational Behavior and Human Resource Management 
International Hospitality Review2516-8142       
International Journal of Industrial Engineering and Operations Management2690-6090       
International Trade, Politics and Development2586-3932       
Irish Journal of Occupational Therapy2398-88195    Occupational TherapyPublic Health, Environmental and Occupational Health
Islamic Economic Studies1319-1616       
Journal of Asian Business Economics Studies2515-964X13  Economics, Econometrics and Finance (miscellaneouus)Business and International Management  
Journal of Blood Service Economics2769-4054       
Journal of Business and Socio-economic Development2635-1374       
Journal of Capital Markets Studies2514-4774       
Journal of Defense Analytics & Logistics2399-6439       
Journal of Derivatives and Quantitative Studies: 선물연구1229-988X       
Journal of Economics and Development1859-0020       
Journal of Economics, Finance and Administrative Science2218-064820  Economics, Econometrics and Finance (miscellaneouus)   
Journal of Electronic Business & Digital Economics2754-4214       
Journal of Ethics, Entrepreneurship and Technology2633-7436       
Journal of Humanities and Applied Social Sciences2632-279X       
Journal of Humanitarian Logistics and Supply Chain Management2042-674731  Management Information SystemsManagement Science and Operations Research  
Journal of Industry-University Collaboration2631-357x       
Journal of Intelligent and Connected Vehicles2399-98027  Automotive Engineering, Control and Systems Engineering, Mechanical EngineeringTransportation  
Journal of Intelligent Manufacturing and Special Equipment2633-6596       
Journal of International Cooperation in Education2755-029X       
Journal of International Logistics and Trade1738-21226    Economics and Econometrics, Management Information Systems, Management Science and Operations Research, Marketing, Transportation 
Journal of Internet and Digital Economics2752-6356       
Journal of Money and Business2634-2596       
Journal of Research in Innovative Teaching & Learning2397-76049  Education   
Journal of Tourism Futures2055-591127  Geography,Planning and Development, Nature and Landscape ConservationManagement,Monitoring,Policy and Law, Tourism,Leisure and Hospitality Management  
Journal of Trade Science2815-5793       
Journal of Work Applied Management2205-2062       
LBS Journal of Management & Research0972-8031       
Learning & Teaching In Higher Education: Gulf Perspectives2077-550410     Education
Management Matters2279-0187       
Marine Economics and Management2516-158X       
Maritime Business Review2397-375714   Business and International Management, Management of Technology and Innovation, Strategy and ManagementTransportation 
Modern Supply Chain Research and Applications2631-3871       
New England Journal of Entrepreneurship2574-890417    Accounting, Business and International Management, Economics and Econometrics, Organizational Behavior and Human Resource Management, Public Administration, Strategy and Management 
Organization Management Journal1541-651820   Business and International Management, EducationOrganization Behavior and Human Resource Management, Strategy and Management 
Organizational Cybersecurity Journal: Practice, Process and People2635-0270       
PDS Partners: Bridging Research to Practice2833-2040       
PSU Research Review2399-1747       
Public Administration and Policy2517-679X8   Geography,Planning and Development, Sociology and Political ScienceHealth (social science), Public Administration 
Railway Sciences2755-0907       
Rajagiri Management Journal0972-9968       
RAUSP Management Journal2531-048813   Business,Management and Accounting (miscellaneous), Education  
Review of Economics and Political Science2631-3561 1.6   ECONOMICS in ESCI editionPOLITICAL SCIENCE in ESCI edition
Revista de Gestão2177-873613   Business and International Management, Management Information SystemsManagement of Technology and Innovation, Marketing 
Saudi Journal of Language Studies2634-243X       
School University Partnerships1935-7125       
Smart and Resilient Transportation2632-0487       
South Asian Journal of Marketing2719-2377       
Southeast Asia: A Multidisciplinary Journal1819-5091       
Spanish Journal of Marketing – ESIC2444-970923   Marketing  
Tourism Critiques2633-1225       
VILAKSHAN – XIMB Journal of Management0973-1954