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No.Journal TitleH-indexJournal Quartile (2023)Link to Journal Metric
1Applied Computing and Informatics H-index 35Q3-Computer Science Applications
Q3-Informations Systems
Applied Computing and Informatics (scimagojr.com)
2Applied Economic AnalysisH-index 5Q2-Economics, Econometrics and Finance (miscellaneous)Applied Economic Analysis (scimagojr.com)
3Arab Gulf Journal of Scientific Research H-index 14Q4-Agronomy and Crop Science
Q4-Ecology, Evolution, Behavior and Systematics
Q4-Water Science and Technology
Arab Gulf Journal of Scientific Research (scimagojr.com)
4Arab Journal of Mathematical Sciences H-index 15Q3-Mathematics (miscellaneous)Arab Journal of Mathematical Sciences (scimagojr.com)
5Asia Pacific Journal of Innovation & EntrepreneurshipNot Available
6Asian Association of Open Universities JournalH-index 13Q2-Education
Q1-Social Science (miscellaneous)
Asian Association of Open Universities Journal (scimagojr.com)
7Asian Journal of Accounting ResearchH-index 12Q2-AccountingAsian Journal of Accounting Research (scimagojr.com)
8Asian Journal of Economics and BankingNot Available
9Business Analyst JournalNot Available
10Central European Management JournalH-index 10Q3-Business, Management and Counting (miscellaneous)
Q2-Political Science and International Relations
Q4-Social Psychology
Q3-Sociology and Political Science
Central European Management Journal (scimagojr.com)
11China Accounting and Finance ReviewNot Available
12China Political EconomyNot Available
13Digital Transformation and SocietyNot Available
14EconomiAH-index 14Q2-Economics, Econometrics and Fiance (miscellaneous)EconomiA (scimagojr.com)
15European Journal of Management & Business EconomicsH-index 25Q2-Business and International Management
Q2-Organizational Behavior and Human Resource Management
Q2-Stretegy and Management
Q2-Tourism, Leisure and Hospitality Management
European Journal of Management and Business Economics (scimagojr.com)
16European Journal of Management StudiesNot Available
17Forestry Economics ReviewNot Available
18Frontiers in Engineering and Built EnvironmentNot Available
19Fulbright Review of Economics and PolicyNot Available
20Higher Education Evaluation and DevelopmentNot Available
21IIM Ranchi Journal of Management StudiesNot Available
22IIMBG Journal of Sustainable Business and InnovationNot Available
23Innovation & Management ReviewH-index 11Q2-Business and International Management
Q3-Business, Management and Accounting (miscellaneous)
Q3-Management of Technology and Innovation
Q3-Organization Behavior and Human Resource Management
Innovation and Management Review (scimagojr.com)
24International Hospitality ReviewNot Available
25International Journal of Industrial Engineering and Operations ManagementNot Available
26International Trade, Politics and DevelopmentNot Available
27Irish Journal of Occupational TherapyH-index 5Q3-Occupational Therapy
Q4-Public Health, Environmental and Occupational Health
Irish Journal of Occupational Therapy (scimagojr.com)
28Islamic Economic StudiesNot Available
29Journal of Asian Business Economics StudiesH-index 13Q1-Economics, Econometrics and Finance (miscellaneous)
Q2-Business and International Management
Journal of Asian Business and Economic Studies (scimagojr.com)
30Journal of Blood Service EconomicsNot Available
31Journal of Business and Socio-economic DevelopmentNot Available
32Journal of Capital Markets StudiesNot Available
33Journal of Defense Analytics & LogisticsNot Available
34Journal of Derivatives and Quantitative Studies: 선물연구Not Available
35Journal of Economics and DevelopmentNot Available
36Journal of Economics, Finance and Administrative ScienceH-index 20Q1-Economics, Econometrics and Finance (miscellaneous)Journal of Economics, Finance and Administrative Science (scimagojr.com)
37Journal of Electronic Business & Digital EconomicsNot Available
38Journal of Ethics, Entrepreneurship and TechnologyNot Available
39Journal of Humanities and Applied Social SciencesNot Available
40Journal of Humanitarian Logistics and Supply Chain ManagementH-index 31Q1-Management Information Systems
Q2-Management Science and Operation Research
Journal of Humanitarian Logistics and Supply Chain Management (scimagojr.com)
41Journal of Industry-University CollaborationNot Available
42Journal of Intelligent and Connected VehiclesH-index 7Q1-Automative Engineering
Q1-Control and Systems Engineering
Q1-Mechanical Engineering
Journal of Intelligent and Connected Vehicles (scimagojr.com)
43Journal of Intelligent Manufacturing and Special EquipmentNot Available
44Journal of International Cooperation in EducationNot Available
45Journal of International Logistics and TradeH-index 6Q3-Economics and Econometrics
Q3-Management Information Systems
Q4-Management Science and Operations Research
Journal of International Logistics and Trade (scimagojr.com)
46Journal of Internet and Digital EconomicsNot Available
47Journal of Money and BusinessNot Available
48Journal of Research in Innovative Teaching & LearningH-index 9Q1-EducationJournal of Research in Innovative Teaching and Learning (scimagojr.com)
49Journal of Tourism FuturesH-index 27Q1-Geography, Planning and Development
Q1-Management, Monitoring, Policy and Law
Q1-Nature and Landscape Conservation
Q1-Tourism, Leisure and Hospitality Management
Journal of Tourism Futures (scimagojr.com)
50Journal of Trade ScienceNot Available
51Journal of Work Applied ManagementNot Available
52LBS Journal of Management & ResearchNot Available
53Learning & Teaching In Higher Education: Gulf PerspectivesH-index 10Q3-EducationLearning and Teaching in Higher Education: Gulf Perspectives (scimagojr.com)
54Management MattersNot Available
55Marine Economics and ManagementNot Available
56Maritime Business ReviewH-index 14Q2-Business and International Management
Q2-Management of Technology and Innovation
Q2-Stretegy and Management
Maritime Business Review (scimagojr.com)
57Modern Supply Chain Research and ApplicationsNot Available
58New England Journal of EntrepreneurshipH-index 17Q3-Accounting
Q2-Business and International Management
Q3-Economics and Econometrics
Q3-Organizational Behavior and Human Resource Management
Q2-Public Administration
Q3-Strategy and Management
New England Journal of Entrepreneurship (scimagojr.com)
59Organization Management JournalH-index 20Q3-Business and International Management
Q3-Organization Behavior and Human Resource Management
Q3-Strategy and Management
Organization Management Journal (scimagojr.com)
60Organizational Cybersecurity Journal: Practice, Process and PeopleNot Available
61PDS Partners: Bridging Research to PracticeNot Available
62PSU Research ReviewNot Available
63Public Administration and PolicyH-index 8Q3-Geography, Planning and Development
Q3-Health (Social Science)
Q3-Puclic Administration
Q2-Sociology and Political Science
Public Administration and Policy (scimagojr.com)
64Railway SciencesNot Available
65Rajagiri Management JournalNot Available
66RAUSP Management JournalH-index 13Q3-Business, Management and Accounting (miscellaneous)
RAUSP Management Journal (scimagojr.com)
67Review of Economics and Political ScienceNot Available
68Revista de GestãoH-index 13Q2-Business and International Management
Q2-Management and Information Systems
Q3-Management of Technology and Innovation
Revista de Gestao (scimagojr.com)
69Saudi Journal of Language StudiesNot Available
70School University PartnershipsNot Available
71Smart and Resilient TransportationNot Available
72South Asian Journal of MarketingNot Available
73Southeast Asia: A Multidisciplinary JournalNot Available
74Spanish Journal of Marketing – ESICH-index 23Q2-MarketingSpanish Journal of Marketing – ESIC (scimagojr.com)
75Tourism CritiquesNot Available
76VILAKSHAN – XIMB Journal of ManagementNot Available