Prof. Thammarat Koottatep donated a book

Prof. Thammarat Koottatep donated a book titled “Wastewater Treatment XXI: Education Program: Study Guide” to AIT Library on 28 April 2022.

Prof. Thammarat is currently a professor of Environmental Engineering Management at AIT. He is an internationally recognized professional in fecal sludge management, sanitation systems, and wastewater treatment technology. He is also a co-author of this study guide which the contents include the topics below.

  • Section 1 Self-purification of a polluted water body in nature and wastewater treatment.
  • Section 2 From sorption to biofilm
  • Section 3 Tropic chains
  • Section 4 What is nitrogen to blame for?
  • Section 5 Hydraulics doesn’t age
  • Section 6 Where do phosphorus and metals go?
  • Section 7 Constructed wetlands within landscape.
  • Section 8 Constructed wetlands design

Bibliographic information:
This book is ready for you to borrow. Please check this book on the New Book Display Shelves.

Each section also has an educational film on Wastewater Treatment created by AEU Club. You can learn more from this link:

On behalf of AIT Library, we would like to thank you for his contribution. This book is valuable both for our student studies and research.