Library Rules


  • Please bring your ID card every time you come to library.
  • Do not allow other people to use your ID card to access the Library or to use the library services.
  • A reading place may not be reserved during the reader’s absence from the library premises.
  • Smoking in the library premises is not permitted.
  • Readers are requested to switch off electric lights when not required.
  • Big backpack, cases, ink in bottles, food or drink should not be brought into the Library.
  • Persons present in the Library at any time must identify themselves to the library staff when requested to do so.
  • No broadsheets, handbills, newspapers, advertisements, or other material (other than approved, official notices of the library or of AIT) be distributed or displayed within the Library.
  • Please do not replace the documents on shelves; the library staff will do the replacement.
  • Contact the Reference and or Circulation Section Staff for any emergency.
  • Not to leave valuables things when you will be away from the desk. The library will be declined any responsibility.
  • Children are not allowed in the Library.

Library Materials

  • Books, periodicals or other materials shall not be removed from the Library’s premises without being registered at the Circulation counter.
  • Books and bound volumes should be handled with great care. Please avoid keeping the volumes open face down on the table, or inserting note books or pencils in between the pages and closing them. Pages must not be folded to serve as book marks.
  • Defects found in the books and other materials taken out for use or for borrowing should be brought immediately to the notice of the staff on duty. Books borrowed should be protected from any damage.

Noise and User Behavior

  • Readers should not interfere with the comfort of other readers, make noise, cause damage to the library property or disfigure or mutilate or mark with ink or pencil a book, periodical, CDROM, or any other library material in any way. Group study rooms are available for discussion.
  • Users should avoid resting their feet on tables, chairs, shelves, window sills etc.
  • Mobile telephones and other electronic or automatic alarm devices should be switched off  or changed  to vibration mode  while being taken into the Library.

Furniture and Equipment

  • Library furniture or equipment must not be misused or their arrangement is altered.
  • We will hold individuals responsible for any damage to furniture and equipment.

Food and Drink

  • Food and drink are not allowed in the Library.
  • Drinking fountain is provided in front of the elevator on the ground floor. Drinking water may be brought, but soft drink, coffee or snacks are not allowed.
  • If food and drink are found, a fine of Baht 100 will be charged.


  • Bags and knapsacks are to be kept in the Library’s provided lockers. If not, the Library reserves the right to check every bag.
  • The Locker has to be cleared when you leave the Library. If not, a fine of Baht 100 per day will be charged.

External User

  • Please record your visit by signing the register kept at the check point.
  • There are restrictions with respect to usage of the Library and Services, especially database access, electronic access to full text etc. Please contact Reference Section for details.
  • External users are not allowed after 5.00 p.m..

Request for searching library materials

Any library patron can place a request to have materials/books searched when they cannot be found. The patron can make a request in person at the Circulation Desk, or fill in a Request Finding Book Form (Blue Form). The request will be searched 3 times as follows:

  • 1st time – the request will be searched on the day the request is received.
  • 2nd time – the request will be searched two days after the date received.
  • 3rd time – the request will be searched three days after the 2nd time search.

When the book is found, the Library will inform the patron to collect it via e-mail and by phone.

Reserve book on loan

Patrons can reserve a book currently checked out. The reserve will be on queue. Patrons are not allowed to reserve online. They will have to come in person and show their ID card to the Circulation staff.

When the book is available, the Library will inform the patron to collect it via e-mail or by phone.


When a patron needs a book currently checked out, the book may be recalled. The current borrower will be notified via e-mail or by mail. The recalled material(s) must be returned within 10 days of the date recalled. Items that are already due cannot be renewed. Once the recalled item is returned, it will be placed on hold to be collected by requester. A notice will be sent via e-mail or by mail when the book is available.