ED95.07: Learning Resources

Course ID: ED95.07

Course Title: Environmental Policy

Semester: January

Learning Resources:

  1. Axelrod, R.S. and VanDeveer, S.D. (Editors). 2020. The Global Environment: Institutions, Law and Policy, Fifth edition, Sage Publishing. (Print version)
  2. Cohen, S. 2014. Understanding Environmental Policy, Second edition, Columbia University Press. (Print version)
  3. Morin, J., Orsini, A. and Jinnah, S. 2020. Global Environmental Politics: Understanding the Governance of the Earth. Oxford University Press. (Print version)
  4. Rosenbaum, W.A. 2020. Environmental Politics and Policy, Eleventh edition, Sage Publishing. (Print version)
  5. Smith, Z.A., 2017. The Environmental Policy Paradox, Seventh edition, Routledge. (Print version)
  6. Schlottmann, Christopher; Jamieson, Dale; Jerolmack, Colin and Rademacher, Anne. (Editors). 2017. Environment and Society: A Reader, New York University Press.
  7. Newell, Peter and Roberts, J. Timmons. (Editors). 2017. The Globalization and Environment Reader. Wiley Blackwell.
  8. Roberts, Jane. 2011. Environmental Policy, Second Edition, Routledge (Series: Routledge Introductions to Environment).
  9. Snell, Carolyn and Haq, Gary. 2014. The Short Guide to Environmental Policy. Policy Press at the University of Bristol.
  10. Terao, Tadayoshi and Funatsu, Tsuruyo. (Editors). 2021. Origins and Evolution of Environmental Policies: State, Time and Regional Experiences, Edward Elgar, Cheltenham, UK.


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