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List of Journal T1 (TCI Databases 2020-2024)

The results of the quality evaluation of the journals (T1) in 4th TCI database 2020-2024.

No.Journal NameISSNE-ISSNTCI Tier
1ABAC Journal0858-08551
2Agriculture and Natural Resources2468-14582452-316X1
3Applied Environmental Research2287-07412287-075X1
4Applied Science and Engineering Progress2672-91562673-04211
5Area Based Development Research Journal2408-17521
6ASEAN Engineering Journal2586-91591
7ASEAN Journal of Rehabilitation Medicine2673-03082673-08631
8Asian Biomedicine1905-74151875-855X1
9Asian Pacific Journal of Allergy and Immunology0125-877X1
10Asia-Pacific Journal of Science and Technology2539-62931
11Boromarajonani College of Nursing, Uttaradit Journal0859-68082651-09361
12BU Academic Review1685-43222651-09521
13Buffalo Bulletin0125-67262539-56961
14Bulletin De L’ Association Tha?landaise Des Professeurs de Fran?ais0857-06042697-38471
15Burapha Science Journal2351-07811
16Business Review Journal1905-713X2651-23511
17Chiang Mai Journal of Science0125-25262465-38451
18Chiang Mai Medical Journal0125-59832651-20251
19Chiang Mai University Journal of Natural Sciences1685-19942465-43371
20Chonburi Hospital Journal0125-68822673-00811
21Christian University Journal1685-14122673-03241
22Chulalongkorn Business Review0125-65642673-06771
23Current Applied Science and Technology2586-93961
24Disease Control Journal2651-16491
25ECTI Transactions on Computer and Information Technology2286-91311
26ECTI Transactions on Electrical Eng., Electronics, and Communications1685-95451
27Electronic Journal of Open and Distance Innovative Learning2287-22871
28Engineering and Applied Science Research2539-61612539-62181
29Engineering Journal0125-82811
30Environment and Natural Resources Journal1686-54562408-23841
32Executive Journal0125-49602651-09601
33Eye South East Asia2586-83492697-43981
34GMSARN International Journal1905-90941
35Hatyai Academic Journal1686-18682651-16141
36Human Resource and Organization Development Journal1906-73211
37Humanities and Social Sciences Journal of Graduate School, Pibulsongkram Rajabhat University2408-12562465-53921
38Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences Studies2586-85942630-00791
40International Journal of Agricultural Technology2630-06132630-01921
41Journal of Accounting Profession1686-82931
42Journal of Agricultural Research and Extension0125-88502630-02061
43Journal of Architectural/Planning Research and Studies1905-20221
44Journal of Associated Medical Sciences2539-60561
45Journal of Bamrasnaradura Infectious Diseases Institute2673-03751
46Journal of Behavioral Science for Development2228-94532651-23191
47Journal of Boromarajonani College of Nursing, Bangkok0857-79271
48Journal of Business Administration0125-233X1
49Journal of Business Administration The Association of Private Education Institutions of Thailand2287-07172673-05291
50Journal of Business, Economics and Communications2672-90912408-21121
51Journal of Communication Arts0857-085X2673-01461
52Journal of Community Development Research (Humanities and Social Sciences)1905-71212539-55211
53Journal of Current Science and Technology2630-05832630-06561
54Journal of Economics and Management Strategy2350-98642586-97441
55Journal of Education Naresuan University0859-51272586-93451
56Journal of Education Prince of Songkla University0857-17911
57Journal of Educational Measurement Mahasarakham University0858-55202651-14441
58Journal of Fine and Applied Arts, Chulalongkorn University2408-23171
59Journal of Fine Arts, Chiang Mai University1906-05722651-14281
60Journal of Fisheries and Environment2630-07022630-08261
61Journal of Food Health and Bioenvironmental Science2629-99922630-03111
62Journal of Food Technology, Siam University1686-30702651-11691
63Journal of Graduate Studies in Northern Rajabhat Universities2229-26832408-14181
64Journal of graduate studies Valaya Alongkorn Rajabhat University1905-96471
65Journal of Health Research0857-44212586-940X1
66Journal of Health Science and Medical Research2586-99812630-05591
67Journal of Health Science Research1906-03191
68Journal of Health Systems Research2672-94151
69Journal of Hematology and Transfusion Medicine0858-20251
70Journal of Human Sciences1513-461X2630-03701
71Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences Nakhon Phanom University2651-24592651-24671
72Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences Thonburi University2672-92021
73Journal of Humanities Naresuan University1686-445X2672-95471
74Journal of Language and Culture0125-64242697-46061
75Journal of Language and Linguistics0857-14062672-98811
76Journal of Liberal Arts, Maejo University2286-87551
77Journal of Liberal Arts, Thammasat University1513-91312672-98141
78Journal of Mahanakorn Veterinary Medicine1905-75711
79Journal of Management Science Chiangrai Rajabhat University1906-23972697-42231
80Journal of Management Sciences0125-83622651-17461
81Journal of Materials Science and Applied Energy2286-72012651-08981
82Journal of MCU Peace studies2287-09622539-67651
83Archives of Allied Health Sciences (Arch AHS)2730-19902730-20081
84Journal of Medicine and Health Sciences2651-18862651-20841
85Journal of Mekong Societies1686-65412287-00401
86Journal of Mental Health of Thailand0859-497X1
87Journal of Metals, Materials and Minerals0857-61492630-05081
89Journal of Politics and Governance2228-85622697-37901
90Journal of Population and Social Studies2465-44181
91Journal of Public Health0125-16781
92Journal of Public Health and Development2673-07742651-12581
93Journal of Public Relations and Advertising1906-22302673-009X1
94Journal of Rangsit University : Teaching and Learning1905-78812651-15841
95Journal of Ratchasuda College for Research and Development of Persons with Disabilities1686-69592697-388X1
96Journal of Research and Curriculum Development2229-23651
97Journal of Research Methodology0857-29331
98Journal of Research Unit on Science, Technology and Environment for Learning1906-97902651-074X1
99Journal of Safety and Health1905-81601
100Journal of Social Science and Buddhistic Anthropology2651-16302672-90401
101Journal of Social Sciences0125-05901
102Journal of Sociology and Anthropology0125-75362651-057X1
103Journal of Srinakharinwirot Research and Development0857-52901
104Journal of Srinakharinwirot University1686-93111
105Journal of Studies in the English Language2651-13472672-989X1
106Journal of Thailand Nursing and Midwifery Council1513-12621
107Journal of the Faculty of Arts, Silpakorn University0857-20382672-97091
108Journal of the Medical Association of Thailand0125-22082408-19811
109Journal of the Medical Technologist Association of Thailand0125-26821
110Journal of the Police Nurses1906-652X2672-961X1
111Journal of Urban Culture Research2228-82792408-12131
112Journal of Yala Rajabhat University1905-23832651-08631
113Kasetsart Journal of Social Sciences2452-31511
114Khon Kaen Agriculture Journal0125-04851
115Khon Kaen University Dental Journal0859-92541
116KMUTT Research and Development Journal0125-278X1
117LEARN Journal: Language Education and Acquisition Research Network2630-06722672-94311
118Maejo International Journal of Science and Technology1905-78731
119MANUSYA, Journal of Humanities0859-99202673-01031
120Manutsayasat Wichakan0859-34852673-05021
121NAJUA: History of Architecture and Thai Architecture1686-18412697-39011
122Nakhara : Journal of Environmental Design and Planning2672-90162651-24161
123Naresuan Phayao Journal1906-21412697-44011
124Naresuan University Engineering Journal1905-615X2651-15681
125Naresuan University Journal: Science and Technology0858-74182539-553X1
126Naresuan University Law Journal1906-425X2465-38291
127NRRU Community Research Journal2286-95812697-47031
128Nursing Journal of the Ministry of Public Health0857-37432673-06931
129Nursing Science Journal of Thailand0125-88852651-19591
130Outbreak, Surveillance, Investigation and Response2651-10611
131Pacific Rim International Journal of Nursing Research1906-81072586-83731
132Panyapiwat Journal2651-10881
133Parichart Journal0857-08842651-08041
135Pathumwan Academic Journal2229-16361
136Pharmaceutical Sciences Asia2586-81952586-84701
137Phuket Marine Biological Center Research Bulletin0858-10881
138Princess of Naradhiwas University Journal1906-59812561-12741
139Rajabhat Chiang Mai Research Journal1513-84102651-20681
140Ramathibodi Nursing Journal0858-97392672-97841
141RMUTP Research Journal1906-04322651-10961
142RMUTSV Research Journal1906-66272673-01971
143Royal Thai Army Medical Journal0125-77222697-41341
144Royal Thai Navy Medical Journal0125-69712672-95551
145Science and Technology Asia2586-90002586-90271
146Science, Engineering and Health Studies2630-00871
148Siriraj Medical Journal2629-995X2228-80821
149SNRU Journal of Science and Technology2651-07582630-015X1
150Songklanakarin Journal of Science and Technology0125-33952408-17791
152Srinakharinwirot Science Journal0857-16002561-19671
153Sripatum Review of Humanities and Social Sciences1513-72871
154Sripatum Review of Science and Technology2228-87242672-99701
155Suranaree Journal of Science and Technology0858-849X2587-00091
156Suranaree Journal of Social Science1905-93292651-088X1
157Thai Bulletin of Pharmaceutical Sciences1686-95402586-86591
158Thai Forest Bulletin (Botany)0495-38432465-423X1
159Thai Journal of Cardio-Thoracic Nursing0857-605X2672-94741
160Thai Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology0857-60841
161Thai Journal of Pharmacology0125-38322697-39281
162Thai Journal of Physical Therapy0125-46341
163Thai Pharmaceutical and Health Science Journal1905-34602672-96871
164Thai Red Cross Nursing Journal1906-79251
165Thailand and The World Economy2630-09312651-05291
166Thailand Statistician1685-90572351-06761
167Thaksin University Journal0859-98072651-06931
168Thammasat Law Journal0857-38672673-091X1
169Thammasat Review0859-57472630-03031
170The Journal of Applied Science1513-78052586-96631
171The Journal of Behavioral Science1906-46751
172The Journal of King Mongkut’s University of Technology North Bangkok0857-684X2465-46981
173The Journal of Prapokklao Hospital Clinical Medical Education Center0857-09142651-169X1
174The Journal of Psychiatric Nursing and Mental Health0857-45531
175The Journal of The Royal Thai Army Nurses1513-52172651-21811
176The Journal of the Siam Society0304-226X2651-18511
177The Journal of the Thai Khadi Research Institute1686-06671
178The Southern College Network Journal of Nursing and Public Health2408-10512651-22701
179The Thai Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences0125-46851905-46371
180The Thai Journal of Veterinary Medicine0125-64911
181Tropical Natural History1513-97002586-98921
182UBU Engineering Journal1906-392X1
183University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce Journal2651-15412673-00571
184Veterinary Integrative Sciences2629-99681
185Walailak Journal of Science and Technology1686-39332228-835X1
186YRU Journal of Science and Technology2539-56882672-98731

Credit:Thai-Journal Citation Index Centre