AIT Library Collections, Resources and Services  
  Currently AIT Library collection consists of books, technical reports, AIT publications (dissertations, theses and research reports), proceedings and bound journals including online journals and e-books subscriptions.  
  The Library's print book collection is about 128,169 items and e-books accessible from the Library subscribed e-books packages from Springer Nature and from Elsevier total 62,684 titles. Non current print journals are approximately 2,672 volumes whereas e-journals available from the subscribed online databases/resources amount to 10,000 titles.  
  Apart from the collections and online databases/resources, the Library facilities include the following:  
  Lockers are provided fir the convenience of patrons who want to keep their belongings. The locker is free of charge and the patrons can create their own password.  

Group Study Rooms

  The Library has got 16 Group Study Rooms for group discussion and meetings. There are both big rooms for 12-14 persons and small rooms for 6-8 persons. Smart TV is installed in every room for presentation and Internet facilities.  
  Training Room  
  The training room can accommodate maximum 50 persons. Training and lectures can be conducted in this room. Interactive e-board is installed for presentation and Internet facilities.  
  Online Studio  
  The Online Studio is suitable for online courses and can accommodate up to 25 persons. Interactive e-borad is installed and broadcasting is available.  
  Video-Teleconference Room  
  The room is suitable for video-teleconference meetings and can accommodate up to 35 persons.  
  Reading and Study Space  
  Reading and study space is available on both ground floor and upper floor. Individual study is located on the second floor for students who want to concentrate on their study. Sofas, armchairs and beanbags are provided on the first floor for comfortableness.  
  Knowledge Garden  
  The Garden located between the two wings of the Library's building is designed for activities. Student can request to use the garden for their activities, i.e. musical performance.  
  Library Services  
  The Library services include lending, reference, online information retrieval, interlibrary loan, blibliography compilation. Self Check (out) machine and automatic Book Return are installed in the Library for the convenience of the patrons.  
  The library is open every day (except public holidays) from 8.00 a.m. - 10.30 p.m. During the exams period the Library extends the working hours to 1.00 a.m.  
  Online Databases/Resources/Case Studies  
  Details of online databases/resources/case studies and e-books are attached in a separate sheet.  
  There are two subscribed e-books packages from Elsevier and Springer Nature. Details are attached in a separate sheet.  
  Printed Collections are as follow:  
  • Main Collection
  The Main Collection consisting of books, reports, conference proceedings, etc., is housed in the 2nd floor arranged according to the Library of Congress Classification Number, more...  
  Reference Collection  
  The Reference Collection can only be used within the Library. It consists mainly of encyclopedias, dictionaries,¬†handbooks, etc., and is housed on the 2nd floor. more...  
  AIT Publication  
  AIT Publications and Theses such as Research Reports, Dissertations, Project Reports, Reprints and Technical Notes are shelved separately according to a system of numbers that identifies the School/Program and Year. more...  
  Reserve Book Collection  
  The Reserve Book Collection is located behind the Circulation Counter. It contains the materials recommended by lecturers for various courses in each semester. more...  
  Journal Collection  
  The Journal Collection consists of Current Journals and Bound Volumes of Journal arranged alphabetically by title, kept on the 2nd floor. To get access to them, please contact the circulation desk for assistance. more..  
  ADB Collection  
  The Asian Development Bank (ADB) Collection was established in AIT Library in response to increase public interest in ADB's activities of multilateral development institutions and to allow for wider dissemination of information. more...  
  MEB Collection  
  The Milton E. Bender Jr. Collection is a collection for leisure reading named after AIT's first President kept on the 2nd floor. more...  
  Yang Collection  
  The Prof. Wen-Jei Yang Collection contains technical and scholarly books and other documents donated by Prof. Yang. more...  
  Other Resources  
  Other resources include Maps, CDROMs, floppies and AV material are shelved in the Circulation Section and Circulation staff will assist you in using these special materials. more...