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Adapting to climate change : the public policy response public infrastructure
Applying Strategic Environmental Assessment : good practice guidance for development co-operation. Or click here
Assessing the costs of adaptation to climate change : a review of the UNFCCC and other recent estimates.
Cities: investing in energy and resource efficiency.
Climate adaptation : risk, uncertainty and decision-making. Or click here.
Climate change 2007 : the physical science basis : contribution of Working Group I to the Fourth Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. Or click here
Climate change adaptation and mitigation in development programs : a practical guide. Or click here.
Climate resilient infrastructure : preparing for a changing climate. Or click here
Climate risks and adaptation in Asian coastal megacities : a synthesis report.Or click here.
Competitive cities and climate change. Or click here
Connecting East Asia : a new framework for infrastructure. Or click here.
The costs of adapting to climate change for infrastructure. Or click here
Economic instruments for sustainable road transport : an overview for policy makers in developing countries. Or click here
The economic role of cities.
Energy security and climate policy : assessing interations.Or click here.
Financing and cost recovery: thematic overview papers. Or click here.
Guide to city development strategies : improving urban performance. Or click here
Guide to cost benefit analysis of investment projects : structural funds, cohesion fund and instrument for pre-accession. Or click here
Guide to municipal finance. Or click here.
Guide to the logical framework approach : a key tool for project cycle management. Or click here.
Guidelines for user fees and cost recovery for urban, networked water and sanitation delivery. Or click here.
Infrastructure, engineering and climate change adaptation: ensuring services in an uncertain future. Or click here.
Integrated coastal urban water systems planning in coastal areas of the Mediterranean. Or click herer Volume 1. -- Volume 2.
Land use and global climate change : forests, land mangement, and the Kyoto Protocol. Or click here
Linking cities to finance : overcoming bottlenecks to financing strategic urban infrastructure investments, 27 - 28 September 2010, Shanghai, China/ commissioned by Cities development Initiative for Asia ; prepared by KPMG. Or click here
Local economic development - LED quick reference. Or click here.
Local government adapting to climate change : managing infrastructure, protecting resources, & supporting communities. Or click here.
Mapping climate change vulnerability and impact scenarios : a guidebook for sub-national planners. Or click here.
A new dimension of infrastructure : realizing people's potentials
Paving the way for climate-resilient infrastructure : guidance for practitioners and planners: official proceedings, International Conference: Strategies for Adapting Public and Private Infrastructure to Climate Change, San Salvador, El Salvador, June 30, 2010.
Planning for climate change : a strategic, values-based approach for urban planners. Or click here
RBM handbook on developing results chains : the basics of RBM as applied to 100 project examples. Or click here.Resource mobilisation for urban infrastructure
State of the world's cities 2012-2013 : prosperity of cities. Or click here
Strategic environmental assessment and adaptation to climate change : endorsed by members of the DAC Network on Environment and Development Co-operation (ENVIRONET) at their 8th meeting on 30 October 2008. Or click here
Strategic environmental assessment at the policy level : recent progress, current status and future prospects. Or click here.