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Journal Collection

  Journal Collection
  The Journal Collection consists of Current Journals arranged alphabetically by title, kept in the 2nd floor and Bound Journals which are also arranged alphabetically by title on the shelves in the first floor. Volumes published prior to 1970 are kept separately in compact shelf storage. To get access to them contact the circulation desk for assistance.
  List of Journal which are available in hardcopy.
 Machine Design
 Machine Vision and Applications
 Magazine of Concrete Research
 Mahidol University Annual Research Abstracts and Bibliography of Non Formal Publications
 Main Roads
 Malayan Economic Review
 Malaysian Agricultural Journal
 Malaysian Journal of Remote Sensing & GIS
 Malaysian Management Review
 Man-environment Systems
 Management Decision
 Management International Review
 Management of Technology Abstracts
 Management Review
 Management Science
 Management Today
 Manufacturing Engineering
 Manufacturing Review
 Marine Ecology Progress Series
 Marine Environmental Research
 Marine Geology : International Journal of Marine, Geology, Geochemistry and Geophysics
 Marine Geotechnology
 Marine Pollution Bulletin
 Market Commentary
 Marketing Insights
 Mass Com Periodical Literature Index
 Material Flow
 Materials and Structures
 Materials on Asia and Africa - Accession List and Review
 Materials Research and Standards
 Materials Science and Engineering
 Materials Technology : A Strategic Industry Report on Emerging Materials, Related Innovations, Technologies, Applications, Markets, Technology Transfer and Advanced Performance Materials
 Materiaux et Techniques
 Mathematical and Computer Modelling
 Mathematical Geology
 Mathematical Modelling
 Mathematical Proceedings of the Cambridge Philosophical Society
 Mathematical Programming
 Mathematical Programming  Series A
 Mathematical Programming : Series B: Mathematical Models and Their Solutions
 Mathematical Programming Study
 Mathematics and Computers in Simulation
 Mathematics of Operations Research
 Mckinsey Quarterly
 Meat Science
 Mechanical Engineering
 Mechanics Based Design of Structures and Machines
 Mechanics of Solids
 Mechanics of Structures and Machines
 Mechatronics : The Science of Intelligent Machines
 Memoirs of the Faculty of Engineering, Kyoto University
 Memoirs of the Faculty of Engineering, Nagoya University
 Memoirs of the Faculty of Engineering : Okayama University
 Meteorological and Geoastrophysical Abstracts
 Micro Software Evaluation
 Microbiology Abstracts  Section A  Industrial
 Microbiology Abstracts  Section B: Bacteriology
 Microbiology Abstracts  Section C, Algology, Mycology & Protozoology
 Microcomputers for Information Management
 Micrographics and Optical Storage Equipment Review
 Micrographics Newsletter
 Microwave and Optical Technology Letters
 Mining Engineer
 Mining Engineering
 MIS Quarterly
 MIT Sloan Management Review
 MITS Technology Review
 Mitsubishi Heavy Industries  Technical Review
 Modern Asian Studies
 Modern English Teacher
 Modern Power Systems
 Monthly Bulletin of Statistics of the Republic of China
 Monthly Bulletin of the Officials Diseases of Domestic Animals
 Monthly Climatic Data for the World
 Monthly climatic data for the world : v  1- , May 1948-
 Monthly Operational Summary
 Mountain Research and Development
 Multimedia Tools and Applications
 Municipal and Industrial Water and Pollution Control
 Municipal Engineering and Environmental Technology
 Municipal Engineers Journal
 MVS Update