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Journal Collection

  Journal Collection
  The Journal Collection consists of Current Journals arranged alphabetically by title, kept in the 2nd floor and Bound Journals which are also arranged alphabetically by title on the shelves in the first floor. Volumes published prior to 1970 are kept separately in compact shelf storage. To get access to them contact the circulation desk for assistance.
  List of Journal which are available in hardcopy.
  FAA Aviation News
  FAA General Aviation News
  Factory and Plant
  FAO Monthly Bulletin of Statistics
  FAO Quarterly Bulletin of Statistics
  FAO Yearbook
  Far East Builder
  Far East Engineer
  Far Eastern Economic Review
  Farm and Power Equipment
  Farm and Power Equipment Dealer
  Farm Policy
  Farm Technology
  FelsbauĀ  Journal for Engineering Geology, Geomechanics and Tunnelling
  Feminist Economics
  Fertilizer Research
  Fibre Science and Technology
  Finance and Development
  Financial Management
  Finite Elements in Analysis and Design
  First Break
  Fish Farmer
  Fish Farming International
  Fish for the People
  Fisheries Education and Training: Information Bulletin
  Fishery Bulletin
  FLC Newsletter
  Flexible Services and Manufacturing Journal
  FLICC Newsletter
  Flood Control Journal
  Fluid Abstracts: Civil Engineering
  Fluid Abstracts: Process Engineering
  Fluid Dynamics
  Fluid Flow Measurements Abstracts
  Fluid Mechanics Research
  Fluid Mechanics - Soviet Research
  Food and Cosmetics Toxicology
  Food Engineering
  Food Policy
  Food Research Institute Studies
  Food Research International
  Food Technology
  Foreign Science Bulletin : A Monthly Review of Selected Foreign Scientific and Technical Literature
  Forest Products Journal
  Forest Science : a Journal of Research and Technical Progress
  Forthcoming International Scientific and Technical Conferences
  Forum of International Development Studies
  Free China Review
  French Engineering Industries
  Functional Analysis and Its Applications
  Futures : the Journal of Policy, Planning and Futures Studies