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Journal Collection

  Journal Collection
  The Journal Collection consists of Current Journals arranged alphabetically by title, kept in the 2nd floor and Bound Journals which are also arranged alphabetically by title on the shelves in the first floor. Volumes published prior to 1970 are kept separately in compact shelf storage. To get access to them contact the circulation desk for assistance.
  List of Journal which are available in hardcopy.
 D & C Development and Cooperation
 Dam Engineering
 Data Communications
 Data Processing
 Data Processing Magazine
 Data Systems
 Database : The Magazine of Electronic Research and Resources
 Decision Line
 Decision Sciences
 Decision Sciences: Journal of Innovative Education
 Decision Support Systems
 Deep-sea Research
 Deep-Sea Research  Part A: Oceanographic Research Papers
 Deep-sea Research  Part B: Oceanographic Literature Review
 Deep-Sea Research  : Part I : Oceanographic Research Papers
 Deep-sea Research  : Part II : Tropical Studies in Oceanography
 Delft Hydroscience Abstracts
 Delft Progress Report
 Design Engineering
 Design Link
 Developing Economies
 Development Alternatives
 Development and Change
 Development Business
 Development Dialogue
 Development Digest
 Development Forum
 Development in Practice
 Development Information Abstracts
 Development News Bulletin
 Development Policy Review
 Development Research Digest
 Development Research News
 Digest of Technical Information
 Directory of Published Proceedings  Series PCE: Pollution Control & Ecology
 Disasters : The Journal of Disaster Studies, Policy and Management
 Discourse and Society
 Distributed Computing
 Dock and Harbour Authority
 Doctoral Dissertations on Asia : An Annotated Bibliographical Journal of Current International Research
 Drying Technology
 Dynamics of Atmospheres and Oceans  : Planetary Fluids, Climatic and Biogeochemical Systems